Notable men and women of Syrian origin

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In these confused times it can be easy to forget exactly how much the world’s ethnicities have mixed. While the advancement of populism has brought on a wave of xenophobia and calls for "taking our country back", it’s crucial to keep in mind that some of the people that make up a given country may well not have been born there. To take one example, let’s look at Syria. The one instance everyone knows is that the father of the founder of a select fruity tech organisation was originally from Syria. Had he been barred in the United States, you would not have a smartphone with the prefix "i" in its label right now. But beyond this obvious example, to really help drive the point home, we will take a good look at other distinguished people of Syrian origin. Some of them were born in Syria and moved out at a later date, while others were already born outside Syria. We will consider at a diverseness of instances.

A few might know Mitch Daniels as having acted as Governor in one of America’s states. What many might possibly not have realised about him is that his grandparents were immigrants from Syria. a participant of the more right-leaning of the two principal American parties, he has experienced a good political career, which he finished in 2013 to focus on the academic world by becoming president of a well-known university in West Lafayette. In his new role he has implemented many outstanding policies for example tuition fee freezes and cost reduction.

In modern times living in Monaco, and earlier having lived in other parts of Europe such as Switzerland and the United Kingdom not forgetting in Saudi Arabia, Wafic Saïd is nonetheless originally Syrian, a truth that he is very proud of. He may be better known to the public at large for the functions that his foundation does and for developing a business department at one of Britain’s top universities. Right now, his foundation works in the direction of helping those who are in distress because of the war in his homeland. Individuals like him have brought wonderful benefit to society.

Though he was born in the States, his parents were immigrants from Syria. Sam Yagan matured to be a very awesome entrepreneur, to whom various English language students have been very thankful. In 1999, he established a website that provides study guides for many literary texts, causing thousands of students to let out sighs of relief. He has also had a successful stretch with introducing one of the more famous dating internet sites. On the whole, he’s been astonishingly successful over the years by launching numerous creative businesses that have eased people’s lives in countless ways.